Cuz I dumb

One of the things that we at Outreach, Inc. focus on in our service to homeless and at-risk youth is education. Not having an education is the single greatest barrier in obtaining gainful employment and arriving at self-sufficiency. Because of this we provide GED pre-testing for our clients at our home base. For those who cannot go to high school for whatever reason getting a GED is the next and most important thing to obtaining.

I have looked at the GED pre-test. While some of it I could knock out quick and "Ace" the other parts like math, science, reading, social studies, writing...."wait, isn't that just about all of them?", I would clearly suck at.

I "graduated" high school in 1996. Besides the "university of life" I have not been to another school since. Recently I have been provoked to engage my telos-scopic trajectory by going back to school and pursue a degree. And of course in order to do this I must subject myself to an entrance or placement exam which will assess where I am academically and where I need to be in order to move along on this venture.

As I look at the GED and some of the requirements for entrance at a school I realize I gots some work to do. And just when I thought I was stupid some smart-ass went and put together 2 Million Minutes. By the way this documentary filmmaker gets mad props for putting this piece together. Watch the trailer below for this documentary.

Cuz I dumb. And in the words of Michaela "so is my mom."

Documentary Questions Quality Of Indiana, American Education
Indianapolis Father Behind Controversial New Look At Education Around The Globe

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