theologia reformata semper reformanda (revised)

"Is conservative evangelicalism’s emphasis on doctrinal content? And is its emphasis an overemphasis?"

Scot McKnight is working through Roger Olson's Reformed and Always Reforming. His discussion on the book has just started on Chapter 2 and the above question is a pointed mark on one of the things that Olson is getting at. Are conservative evangelicals, “too obsessed with the cognitive and intellectual sides of the gospel and of Christian existence”? If these are valid questions, then what is the response? I think the question is accurate in it's asking. It alone conveys or indicates the suspicion of a general ethos of the 'conservative evangelical'. Mind you I say, "general".

Recent scholarly works reflecting on Theology and "it's nature, task and purpose" have been echoing the same voice. The significance of these current reflections with the continued growth of the church is not to be understated by theologians across the board. Recent developments at Westminster Theological Seminary concerning the recent work of Peter Enns, "Inspiration & Incarnation" and it's relationship to the Reformed churches famous theological construct namely the Westminster Confession of Faith, are all connected with the current discussions by John Franke, Roger Olson and many others.

I do not want to overly hype or sensationalize the situation with WTS and these 'theological' considerations. I have a hope and suspect this hope to be more realized in our generation that humility in our theology will be a greater possession by the leaders of institutions and churches. I think there is in our time...patiently waiting a new precedent to be established. I hope this precedent will begin to stir loudly at WTS. And it will if certain voices in the WTS community will emerge and become outspoken to the need of humility in our theological scholarship.

A new precedent awaits.


Belief in an Age of Skepticism

On March 4,2008 Tim Keller spoke at Berkeley University of California on this topic. A good Q & A followed the lecture. Good stuff.

Thanks to Art for the link.

Keller also spoke at Google's, Mountain View, CA headquarters on March 5, 2008. Click Here for the video.