Andy Mckee.

Thank you Joshua. I am forever stirred.


Don Ross. Who is this guy?

My friend Riley Kern had this at his blog. I cannot say anything about it except for the odd humanistic and paradoxical saying, "holy crap!"

Be sure to press the pause button down below on my music player in order to enjoy this piece.


Deconstructing Defeater Beliefs

An excellent read on communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our culture. Tim Keller has a unique approach to handling the intellectual contours of western thinking and appealing to the heart of man. I believe Keller is one if not the foremost leading thinker and practioner of the gospel.

In my humble opinion he weaves the best essentials of presuppositional analytic thinking akin to Newbigin, Van Till and Frame in his ministry.

This is a worthy read!

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Or Click HERE for the web version.


"Can Faith be Certainty?"

A very good discussion happening at Jesuscreed.org

Faith, Reason, Certainty, Confidence, Doubt? All of these weigh in on the discussion.
I thought about chiming in on it but saw that many are already saying what I would say in a similar fashion.

They are at 49 comments already so if your going to jump in on the whole thing prepare for lots of reading.

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