O' My!

Dude...my wife just said, "Propaghandi"......!!!!!!

She was actually trying to say, Paparazzi!!!

Yeah, this awesome lady is my wife!


I love my job. I really do.
My co-workers/ colleagues are the best. The environment is ignited with focus and drollness.
The pace is all together different from what I have ever been a part of before. My labors are demanding me to conceptualize and mind map which is intellectually fulfilling for "a work". Everything is new.

I have a desk. Hmmmmm....it comes with a phone and desktop. What's a desktop?
I have five drawers in my desk. No really....I'm not kidding you, I have five drawers in my desk....as in large ladies undergarments!! They were placed there as a welcoming gift by my hospitable and non-pharasaic spiritual spoon-bending colleagues. Each one of the drawers of my desk had one pair of underwear. I have five desk drawers. That's five Underwear!

Engagement with our clients....there kids and some young adults....have been minimal. The Case Manager aspect of my job will not be realized for sometime....at least untill I get the Resource Coordinator part kinda down.

I am meeting individually with my co-workers in order to get to know them more and also to find out more how they are "a resource" to me internally to the Outreach operation. These people are really cool. Such a diversity of personalities, skill, strengths and vocal aesthetics. The last part just means they sound cool when they talk.

I can work from home or a coffee shop....Wifi!!!....via The Portal!!!

I have lotsa of reading to do. People to see. Places to go. Dead people to raise..........the last one is a metaphor. And no I don't have a Savior Complex. Although I can see how subtle a temptation it can become.

I get paid to take a spiritual formation hour once a week. And I also get paid to take a spiritual formation day a month.
My goodness.

I can get fired from my job if I don't mean with someone once a week outside of co-working circle with someone who can speak into my life and keep me accountable to the pursuit of holiness; living as a human being after the image of God in Christ.

I miss my friends.

My cousins are coming down this weekend!!! Chicago and Grand Rapids comin to Indy!!!!!

Ben, Michaela, Michael I miss you guys. You are three people that I used to see much more regular than I do now.

Danae is tough. She goes through a lot! I love her beauty. Especially the beauty that only I can see (that wasn't sexual by the way.)

Last nite Danae and I were talking in bed and she made up a new word! For you who know Danae....she makes up her own words. She is an organic word-smith. That is she is good at talking and making up her own words....seasoned with the occasional, "...Screw the World!!!"...which I haven't heard in a long time and is one of my personal favorite phrases that come out of her mouth. Anyway.........so last nite we are talking about how hard it is feeling close to one another, how difficult our marriage is and she says, "I wish we could go on a honymatical."

A Honymatical is the word Honeymoon joined with Sabbatical. Don't ask why the "b" was exchanged for an "m". It's not supposed to make sense to our normal cognitive frame of vocabulary reference.

So if anyone wants to donate to the Mesa Honymatical feel free to send us money via our home address. We will gladly use it to honymaticise our relationship.

Love from Drexel.


to her

The way you talk to our sons....
The way you bring tender affection...
The way you sing your little humorous songs...

The way you look when you sit with them on the floor reading to them...
I see how you talk about them long after they have been asleep in their cribs...your heart cries for them

You bathe them and shout their little nicknames...Fahret...Bohmbie...Bird!!!
You worry about their development....their growth....their health....their protection...

I see these little things and so much more...

The way you do these things...the way you are....when I see you...
It arouses deep heart aching pains of desire in me...

The beauty that you possess overwhelms me...
The Lord renders me weak because of your radiance
He renders me with sickness of love because of your brilliance

You are The Mother of my sons...
You are your sons Mother.

Blessed are you among woman.


Robert E. Webber, Theologian of 'Ancient-Future' Faith, Dies at 73

Robert Webber has served to be a great influence to me. I recommend his writings. While he may have gone to be with God in a restful place we have his works here as a lasting contribution of God the Holy Spirit through his life. Thank you Lord for your servant Bob Webber.

Click the above post title for an article on Webber.



I was offered the job for Outreach Inc. on Friday.
I took the job.
I start May 14th.
I will be a part of a joint effort to serve homeless and at-risk youths of my city. This is a very exciting and challenging labor.
I am thrilled to give myself to this.
The most challenging aspect of this work will be the managerial part. This is new territory for me. I am very eager to take on the necessary skills, abilities and flexible virtues entailed in developing into this role with these people. The responsibility is a serious one and because of that it provokes a sense of great sobriety.

It has been a cheif desire of mine to be able to play a role in God's Kingdom to bring about His work of Justice, Harmony, Integrated Balance, Equity, Wholeness, Health and Beauty; Shalom in this kind of way.
While it is all of mankinds responsibility, priviledge, honor and calling to do this work in whatever we do where ever we are at I am very glad and overjoyed to be able to do it via Outreach Inc.

Pray that I will fulfill my appointed role with this ministry with humility, patience, attentiveness, teachableness and creative innovation for the bettering of this cities community...God's Kingdom.