"Why is cultural relevance a big deal?" by Ed Stetzer

Click on the above title for an insightful and practical word. You may also want to check out Mark Driscoll's message from the Supremacy of God in a Postmodern Culture Conference in 2006, titled "Supremacy of...and the Church in a Pomo. Cult." You can listen to the message on the routed site.
Ed's article here is similar to Marks message from the conference. Both are worthy to check out if you haven't and are interested.

Also, Tim Keller spoke at the same conference and spoke on the Gospel in a pomo culture. Very good stuff. He humorously and ironically (Pomo Culture!) qualifies by giving some "principals" for how to engage our culture and gives a breif but very helpful unpacking of the idea of a presuppositional analytical approach to apologetics.



Uniformity of Nature

My brother-in-law Joshua recently posted a very good read. Clicking on the above title will take you to the above title. Check out "Faith vs. Science" as well it was prelude to the above title. Good stuff bro.

Lesslie on Gospel embodiement

"No state can be completely secular in the sense that those who exercise power have no beliefs about what is true and no commitments to what they believe to be right. It is the duty of the church to ask what those beliefs and commitments are and to expose them to the light of the gospel. There is no genuinely missionary encounter of the gospel with our culture unless this happens. Here we must face frankly the distortion of the gospel that is perpetuated in a great deal that passes for missionary encounter. A preaching of the gospel that calls men and women to accept Jesus as Savior but does not make it clear that discipleship means commitment to a vision of society radically different from that which controls our public life today must be condemned as false..."
The "dichotomy between the private and the public worlds is the central clue to the ideology that governs our culture....A private religion of personal salvation that did not challenge the public ideology was perfectly safe under Roman law, as it is safe under ours. On these terms the church of the first three centuries could have flourished under the rule of Ceaser precisely as this kind of evangelicalism flourishes under the protection of our kind of society. But the authentic gospel cannot accept this kind of relegation. The sovereign rule of God requires that the state acknowledge its responsibility to reflect in all its ordering of society the justice of God - a justice that is primarily embodied in covenant relationships of mutual responsibility."

(Shalom; another word synonomous with the justice of God. The Hebrew Shalom translated "peace" in our language is a much more rich and nuanced word that carries with it not only "peace" in a tranquil sense but one in which the work of God in Christ is the restorative work of the entire cosmic-social fabric. A universal flourishing in that all things become redeemed.)

"To make disciples is to call and equip men and women to be signs and agents of God's justice in all human affairs. An evangelism that invites men and women to accept the name of Christ but fails to call them to this real encounter must be rejected as false."

Taken from "Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel and Western Culture" by Lesslie Newbigin.

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Thank you gramma "Mood" for watching our boys last nite.
Thank you Michael for your cultured tastes and for the pool table.
Thank you Benjamin for being a soundwave incarnate.
Thank you Michaela for coming over to Indy for the weekend and "visiting" your new home!
Thank you Beth and Lauren for mysteriously appearing in the room like two apparations and becoming real.
Thank you Fox and Hound for your fine beer selection and allowing us to smoke pipes in your pub. (I could definitely do without the superfluous television environment. If I wanted to watch t.v. I would've stayed home. When I go to a pub I want alot of faces looking at each other in conversation and observation and not distracted by the all absorbing screen. I must add that while I hated having the television (huge) be a subtle distraction it does serve its purpose and is a good idea. I just think the visuals should be intermittently used.) I would still go back.
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We wish we coulda stayed later with you all. But such "parting is a sweet sorrow" and doth maketh the next time the sweeter.


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Shape Shifting: Flux in Fixedness

posting soon


I cannot say what I was really able to obtain, acquire or whatever since the time I last posted and going on an indefinite hiatus. My reasons for it where so that I would be able to devote my time and energies to other important things. Giving time to my family and than to focus on my studies/reading/thinking/meditating on issues theological-practico was my intent. But it doesnt seem like any of that really happened. "Time" seems like such a fleeting phenomena and beautiful constraint if you will.
And a truth is that, "what you do with your time, is your life"...at least in a great part. So what did I do with my time/life?

One thing is certain for all this time that was used; I have wrestled with my own darkness incessantly and painfully. I still am wrestling of course, as is appropriate for living in a body that is wasting in the aftermath of Christus Victor. One of the most important or rather major reasons I had cut myself off from the internet/blogging or whathaveyou is because I simply could no longer trust myself with the internet. Vigilance had escaped me for sometime. I can trace it back from around the time Danae was hospitalized on bedrest in the late summer of 2004. My hearts affections for God had dwindled sharpley and the cares of the world coupled with inordinate response's to challenging and trying times were fertile grounds for the manifestation of the evil which laid ahead of me for a long time. From late 2004 too the end of 2006 I wasted away painfully, in a constant circuit of rising in restorative grace and than plummeting in horrendous fears and debilitating inner turmoil due to my pursuit of abominable idols. As of just consequence this all spilled into my home and my community abroad.

Sin does crouch at our doors. Its desire is for us, and we truly must rule over it lest we perish and others are affected in its socially destructive wake. (see Genesis 4.1.7)
We shouldn't fear being consumed by sin nor the evil that is around us. Rather we must fear God for "His mercy is for those who fear Him from generation to generation.." because "through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed." (Lu. 1.50 [ESV], Lam 3.22 [NKJV] )

During this time in "hiatus" I began to long for this quasi-communities digital discourse. Also, I have felt a greater need now within myself to probe with others the specific things that I read and think on that strike me as wonderful aspects of our creatureliness.
Aside from my desires I recently have felt promptings to live the inherrent freedoms that God has given me in a mature and righteous way. And so with the loving assistance of my wife and strength of God's Spirit I move onward.
Hopefully I will be using time appropriately to manage these interests without forsaking others.