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I will no longer be blogging. At least for a season.

Some seasons really don't end if you know what I mean.


Letting go of idols.
Embracing the empty void.

The vast spaciousness which now causes me horror.
An empty room of mind and heart that is not comfortable.
A space so vast which does not need to be feared but embraced.

This spaciousness, this emptiness is a sensation of freedom.
Freedom from my fetters.
Free to be awake with God.
Free to less be attached, less addicted to the idols.
Free to have empty space and room.


I am in desperation. In everyway it feels. Grace is my only sanity. Only.


Remember Moss Man!?!?

Danae made some tea that Jessica had brought over. She said it smelled like Patchouli. I than said, "It smells like Moss Man. Your Drinking Moss Man."

Here's MOSS MAN!


You provide the caption

I went to bed at 11 PM last nite leaving Danae with her easel, paints and canvas on the table ready to be used for her dormant creative energy. This morning I awoke with this stellar painting greeting me beside the door as I left my home to work.
I am so glad she is my wife.

You provide the caption for this one.

Daniel is a catalyst to this inspiration.


Danae and I have separated. Blogs that is. For perm or temp, time will tell. Ooooh the suspense.


Haiku at the Lockerbie

Migue, Jessica and I took turns doing some Haiku's at the pub on Saturday, this is what turned out.

Jessica, I just found out via Daniel and Wiki that Haiku's are 5 7 5, not 7 5 7. oops.

Thank You! Oh, Lockerbie Inn
In your over-alls
We contemplate life's hardships

Mysteries of lifes goodies
of everything good
are challenging to my soul

The epistemic questions
My soul has wrestled
has found a quell and solace

I love and desire love
but it's hard to see
because my mind is broken

A camera pictures faces
Cornering your thoughts
I may just have a NIGHTMARE!

Chicken bone in the beard man
Shame to my brotha
But a bare face is aweful

I am depressed but I love
to write haiku now
because I wonder at soul.

Gimme some veg/pot to eat
Soup/sal consume me
Right now; dessert my cheesecake

Listen to the music man
The doobie brothers
Soul country jammin Lockerbie

Ketchup and ACDC wrong
On the red carpet
But they both can be redeemed


Towards Human Be-ing

Is there such a thing as a perfect relationship? I believe so. But not a perfection that popular opinion holds. Not a perfection that connotes finality now.

Is there such a thing as a relationship that is void of challenges? The challenge of miscommunication, misunderstanding, neglect of communication altogether?

Humans are incomplete. Broken. Shattered. History and our lives today clearly illustrate that point. Words aren't needed to know this.

Humans make up relationships. Therefore relationships will bear the mark of incompleteness, brokenness and the shattered nature which we are.

But the living God has come into our world. The transcendent becomes immanent. He became human. It became apparent to us that his constitution as a human was complete, whole and without any distortion. He taught us and is still showing us what it means to be human and relational. He has shown us what communion looks like. What it is.

We are promised by Him that we as human beings and the rest of creation which is also in this disjointed, broken and marred state will one day be restored and all will be whole, complete and harmoniously in sync with His divine communion; His very nature and being.

In the interim we wait.

With longing we wait. Our waiting and longing is like a mother who in childbearing travails with birth-pains, groans and cries, but knows that what is to come is a beautiful gift.

In the interim, the meantime we labor. We live and continue to move and be as one's with a certain promise that what will come is perfect. In this meantime we live and be, striving towards this perfection, this wholeness.

It is never easy. The times are hard. But for them who hold the promise there is a beauty mingled with our brokenness. Within our broken relationships the Spirit of an extra-ordinary, covenantal, binding love works in us to bring about the fruits of perfections eternal Day. A poet once said that there is, "poetry that comes from the squaring off between. And the circling is worth it, finding beauty in the dissonance." I think so too.

There is no other way to live and to move through this passage of life now.

Any other way will only compound the fragmentation and brokenness that marks humanness.

Without the way that Life himself has given us for the perfection of relationships and all things we will only create more imperfect turmoil living according to false notions of perfection. We will struggle, but the struggle will be in vain. Vain, because the hope that these other ideals of perfection hold are not real, but instead are conjurings which take no account of the utter frailty and the eternal condition of humanities dependance towards it's creator.

The testimony of him who became incarnate; perfect life himself, is the guarantor of the promise. Perfection is our inheritance and it is love himself who labored to bring it about.


Earl Grey Tea

According to Wikkipedia, "Earl Grey is also the favourite tea of comic book hero Bruce Wayne (Batman)."

For Jessica

Disclaimer here

In the Spring of 2003, Vintage21 had a four week series on Jesus Christ, taking a deep look at what He said and did. It was difficult at times to get past our preconceived notions that had been developed by staunch, starched Sunday School classes of old. This is a satirical look at what some people think Jesus is like. Thank goodness He's not. -Vintage 21



Campaign for real beauty!

It's about time.


Prayer request

My relative of mine just got diagnosed w/ brain cancer. She was told she will have 3 months to live at the most. Please pray for her comfort and peace and strength. Thankfully, she has faith in Christ. She's a good woman. I believe she's in her 70's. Thank you.



a lot of folks

that i know, tell me they read my blog and they enjoy it, but those folks never comment! what is it with you people? I say, comment because i will enjoy YOUR comments. I love dialogue. But if you insist on being mysterious, then fine. I know very well the mystery of mysteriousness, and the inrtrigue..


Now I can rest..

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