Fah-ma's Mah-kit

My friend aurora nicole recently wrote a post on her blog about seasonal foods and the farmers market. I just wanted to post and let everyone know that we just recently ate pizza and i feel like crud.

But now..

I'm craving..


And I wish I had the money to be a food puritan.

I wish I had the mental and emotional stamina to create an oasis of a home

Cooking all the healthy find meals..

Baking nice warm pumkin breads ..zucchini breads...and the like.

Occasional homemade icecream.

live on a farm that has





and a good dog or two.

bub living forever with a fixed hip and leg..

peeing in his litter box, not on the basement floor.

energy and life to succeed through all lifes challenged..

to kick evil in the you know what..

So, I don't konw if I will ever arrive to this bliss here on earth...

but we have a God who gives grace,

and an inheritance that exceeds our dreams..

one day I WILL be able to worship God with the saints..

I WILL be able to sing and mean it!

I'll be able to do it naturally and it will be a delight.

Good day to all.


Hyper-Realized Epistemology

Recently I posted a link to Andrew Sandlin's post titled, "Ecclesial Implications of a Consistently Christian Epistemology."...hehe, I know "Big Words"....it's fun though. Really all the article is about is how it may/does look like in the church (ecclesia) to be consistent in our thinking according to what the Hebrew/Christian Scriptures (the Bible) warrants in terms of certainty. In other words, our preoccupations with proofs and evidences for being a foundation to our faith are inappropriate to what we have informing us according to revelation. This is not to say that proofs and evidences have no place to Christians and non alike. It does but it's place is in how it is used. But that is another discussion entirely. That is sufficient for now. So again for those who are informed and have an interest in these discussions wich have an enormous impact in how we do and be the church I offer to you the pre-post to "Ecclesial Implications of a Consistently Christian Epistemology." The post title above is the direct link to Andrews post. Check it out. And if you do please leave me a comment on what you think or don't know what to think!

Peace......Love....and Epistemological blessings be unto all!!!


Also, did you see that fricken banana that we had in our home, Dang!? The pick is up there in the flicker slide.

the gospel gets even better

what are my idols? what are yours? (you dont have to post them)

i need the gospel every day. every morning. every midday, every night. im desperate for the too good to be true truth that Jesus died so that i could have life. true life. to be continually and progressively, for the rest of my days here.. set free in my heart..free from idols..free from sin. free to trust God. free to know I have an inheritance that far exceeds this world or any pleasure it might offer.

oh may God always be so gracious to us. i thank God for the gospel..and for reminding me of it.



I don't know if this has to do w/ my hormone changes w/ the pregnancy, but I'm craving stuff.

Earlier it was Taco Bell.

Now it is Massiel's chocolate brownies.

I'm also craving a spa vacation in the tropics.

And some peace of mind and emotions when trying to discipline 3 toddlers.

Oh man.


What are you thankful for?

Here are a few things from me:

Peaceful Opera music

Classical Renaissance music

ability to dream and imagine

purified water


a comforting word spoken in the right time

friends who understand and empathize

Christ who mediates, redeems, graces and peaces.

promise of a new life..where there is no more pain..no more tears...no more mourning..mourning is turned into joy.


nature's beauty

the arts


Major Fatigue

I've been slammed with major fatigue, like all day fatigue..and it's been really hard. So thanks to naps, and especially tonights nap, I am recharged. I actually was able to pick up the boys toys. So i had my last meal for the day now, am typing this post, and then i hope to tackle our piling dishes.

i had a dream though, while i napped.. it had just turned world war 3, and mig and i were in some buidings lower basement part..and the ground was shifting because of bombs and such.. the military was in the same building as us.. it was like war happening in western civilization. I think we were at a large old school. i dont think i had kids in this dream.. it was just mig and i..and we were kinda carefree about stuff. it was a good dream, even though the war was scary..but mig and i's love gave us the endurance to get through.

anyhoo.. naps are very needed and revive the soul my friends.

Aidan Dances to The Chieftans


Is Ice Cream ALWAYS sinful?

My friend's, I have discovered some bluebunny cookie dough ice cream in my freezer that ol' boy Migue bought.

My dear soul friends, this must have fell from the skies, because it is absolutely the best!! It has not only cookie dough chunks, but actual dough stuff like hangin out in there in sheets!

I mean, when you taste normal ice cream you're like, yeaaah this is goooood. but this stuff? you're more like, " oh my gosh! this is INCREDIBLE. This is totally from heaven."

Forgive me for those of you I have just tempted. But resist and flee! You don't need it! Only I did, this once. I dont' want to practive this often.

Ecclesial Implications of a Consistently Christian Epistemology

This blog entry by Andrew Sandlin is very good. Click on the above title to view it.
For those informed on issues mentioned you will find what he says to your pleasant satisfaction or as abhorrently "open" nonsense.

While I have been greatly encouraged within the past two and a half years with what has been happening in the church with discussions revolving around theology, ecclesiology and missiology I have been even more encourged and filled with excitment and holy combustion because of articulate's like this one.

Grace: The Favor of God bestowed upon Man. Can you hear it?

Shalom: The Extravagant and Transcendant Restorative, Recreative and Reformative Peace of God. Shalom makes all things new!

Grace & Shalom be unto you through the Lord of Life; Iesou Christu.



Power Bomb

This is Danae's brother Joshua powerbombing Danae's cousin Jeremy. Running commentary by Danae's brother Nathan.

pregnancy diet

it's been a while since i've been pregnant and i can't remember much since. i've lost a few brain cells i think. so any women out there know if it's true that we need to eat for 2? how can i know how much is enough? it seems like such a hassle to have to make sure you get in enough food.

what are some thoughts? thanks!


Unexpected Blessings

Fellow heirs of life.....we have a conception!

My Wonder-D is with child.

Or maybe with Children?

May our quiver have another arrow......or as many as the arrowmaker dispenses!


Wallace and Gromit would love me

I made my own pizza w/ ready made crust and i loaded it with pepperoni and mushrooms and three kinds of cheese.

Cheeese Gromit! Cheeeeeeese!


Bonie and Papa

We love the other boys just as much, it just so happens that Bonie always turns up.


My Sunflowers

are handsome.


A Dream

I dreamt I lost attention of the road

drove off a cliff

saw blackness and my concious prayed for the salvation

of my life on earth

the only thing that came to mind

was my husband and my children

praying fervently that He would not take me

then i saw myself on a stretcher being rolled

back into the bed i was sleeping in

and I awoke.. terrified..thankful..

needing comfort from my husband

who was asleep next to me and unable

to tend to my need

migue...why thou sleepest so heavily?


Chino's pic

I think that latest pic of Asher looks like Jerry O'Connell.


I know what Donald Trump can do with his money

He could winnabego our family to a private beachfront.

I know this is selfish, but crap, maybe Donald will read post? It might be meant to be!

im trying to transfer files from the ancient laptop to this one and it is sooo slloooow.. so im attempting to make a dent in this room of piling laundry. im tempted to just throw everything away. dont u ever just wanna throw it all away and be a nomad?

Chino's new hair cut

and Jonah's wild man hair

chino's in the middle

The fight to go to sleep

Midday I'm exhausted and want to sleep but can't. Once the boys are in bed, I have a second wind. I am sleep but why do I fight it? It's like I'm making sure I can get in everything life has to offer me now. But that doesn't even make sense. Anyway, I doubt we will ever figure ourselves out. Thanks to God for grace. It really makes hope real. Prayers for the peace of the world. I don't know what God's plans are..but I pray for His mercy and grace.

remember insomniac show on vh1? i forget the name. that was depressing.


Shampoo in the Eye

Yesterday it happened, I went to open the shampoo and flipped the lid, and it squireted right on my right eye ball. Hurt like a beast. So I flushed it out. I didn't know about opening yoru eye and letting the water pour on it, but i cupped my hands and continually flushed it. So yesterday eveneing my eye was blurry and I was afraid I'd lose some vision. This morning, I think it's okay though. Seeing fine. Just thought I'd post about that experience. So if you don't know already, it's okay to let running water pour on your eye if needed.

Yesterday we gathered at my Dad's for Nathan's 31st. Good food. Sprinkler kids. Friends and Family. Frisbee. Dog's. Kids throwing rocks. Hot weather, but good for us.

The boys rash is gone, so we were able to go over there.


Humble Missiology

"........I have the privilege of consulting with the Anglican Mission in America. Here is a group of evangelical Christians who have found that their American counterpart has largely abandoned the gospel in the name of cultural relevance. Where do these evangelical believers go? They go to the orthodox Anglican Bishops from Africa and Asia who sponsor and send them to reach people in America. Missiology that needs to be re-evangelized from the two-thirds world is not real missiology—let’s be humble and listen to our brothers and sisters who are reaching the world with an orthodox gospel while the North American church is dying."

Click above title to read this article on Missiology.


So here's something that will make you a better person when you read it..

I planted 17 or 18 sunflower seeds this spring. Migue wacked down all but 2. Those two are very precious. Oh, Migue did not take the life of my 4 Sunflowers in the front yard. But the 2 in the back. I look at all the time to see how big they are. Pretty big now. Maybe 6 ft? Their beautiful heads are about to sprout.... and what? I'm outside playing w/ my boys when I notice one of them looks shorter than last I saw. So I went up and sure enough, the squirrels have been chewing, and took down the head of my sunflower. I've been angry at those squirrels for some time. I actually saw them playing on my fence, which is where the flowers are located. I saw them playing before they took it down, and i thought they were so cute. 2 of them, playing together. little did I know what their plans were. So today, they got the second one. No more heads. I don't know much about sunflowers, but I have a feeling that they are done. Hopefully next year. Why do the Squirrels have to eat my sunflowers? That's a question for God. There are plenty of things for the Squirrels to eat. Comon, give a woman a break! Anyway, I will never know, and my I'm still supposed to do right, love the creatures, don't curse them. But oh how the flesh wants to prevail! It did in my head, I just didn't speak the things I thought!

On another token, I am almost done w/ my curtains I made. (pics above, they are reversible, and they can be let down for rull coverage. Just gotta hem them now. Thanks to my Mom for supplying me w/ all the material to make this happen. It has bee a GOOD change to my life. Getting crafty again and seeing your creation is pretty rejuvinating.


I changed our blog colors and it reminded me of

On my video creations

I've told a few of you that I've made and am planning on making some video's. Just wanted to inform you in case your jumping out of your pants due to excitement..that i've been very busy and haven't been able to work on this. i still need to transfer files from my ancient computer to this one..but i still plan on having this done!

Warrior toddlers Update

Our mighty men are teething, been running fevers, stuffy nose, loose stools, and cough. Aidan did his first, now he's better. So it's Jonah and Asher now. The fevers come and go and when they go, the boys are still playing and acting like themselves. Oh. Jonah has been puking though. Im thinking he's choking a lot on his phlegm. So Asher slept with me after papa went to work. He's so cute. He fights it. He prefers his crib, but is too sick to go there w/out crying. and we can't let him cry because he'll wake up the other souls. I so wish we had a 4 BR house for this reason. Anyway, something to think about for those of you who are considering marriage and kids. We have a 2 br and our 3 1 yr olds share the same room. sweew.

okay bye.


Click Me

some words of truth that encouraged me.


This dude reminds me of Mike Williams

and this is the real Mike Williams, who is our friend...the first dude is the actor who looks like him.


As you may already know we have a MacBook Pro now. We are at still trying to figure out this peice of technological art. It is amazing that JUST approximately Ten years ago the Internet, The World Wide Web was introduced to this culture; to this now Global Village I should say!

For some technical reason Blogger does not give us all of our former available tools within the toolbar. So now we cannot link what we want in the same fashion. At least until we figure this out the above title "Destination...Destiny...Choices" is now our link. Click on the title and it will send you to what it is that has our attention and deem worthy to refer it unto you.

The link is yesterdays (Friday) post by Riley. I link it because it has significant interest to us all. Most times the most fundamental and basic truths to life our the most missed. And that is funny, because they are the most profound.

Good day.


Read this post

and you have made penance. You're cool now. Be free and sin no more.


What is YOUR breakfast?

I had All Bran Buds? I think. Fiber is good, and this has a lot, plus low carbs. And I had blueberrys and vanilla soy milk to go along.

I woke up this morning with a nastalgic feeling. I'm thinking it had to do with a new scented oil refill I put into our wall plug in thing yesterday. it's been a long time since i've bought a refill. it felt good and nice. and it smells good now. so i woke up to smelling good stuff, and for some reason, i felt like i wanted to work on a tropical getaway island and work behind the counter at some smoothie/health food joint. with the breeze and the ocean at my back. *sigh*. but i knew i was only in my kitchen making coffee and breakfast for me and my handsome 3 men. well, they aren't men yet..but to me they are. they are so special and i love them so much. anyway, the that tropical island dream was nice. day dream. i mean, usually i wake up with tension because the boys are crying so hard to get out of their cribs because they either pee'd all over themselves, or they just wanna get out! but today it wasn't so bad, i turned on their classic lullabye baby einstein music, and they drank their milk in their cribs like the good old days. i climbed back into bed for a few more short minutes to accept the day! and i really think that matters how you wake up. if you wake up to crying and/or fighting day after day, and night after night of broken sleep, for almost 2 years, that can really try a person dude. trust me. i know my friends. anyway, im very thankful that i have a better mentality and emotions this morning. it is a relief from stress and anxiety and depression. but that's not to say it will last. wouldn't life be grand to always be happy though? well, with the corruption of the world, it would be hard. better yet, wouldn't it be grand to be thankful and have the joy of the Lord be our strength? I want to fellowship with the real God. I miss the real God. I often feel I have the wrong idea of God. Well, here is to God and His wonderful creation! His oceans and waves, His romance, His smoothies, His children..and His technology. :) see ya!



not adriana as i posted in my last post. i recommend it. i dont have much to say about it, but i wish i was more intellegent.


My wierd life

Just in case you're bored and my blog fascinates you, here's what happened today. I'm usually stressed out and depressed and want to run away to heaven for a break, so when i checked my email this morning, mig had written me an email saying he loved me and the boys. lots of love. love love. more than your average love email. so im like, wow, what got into him? he must have had a good dream? or maybe bad? i dunno, the email said to call him, so i called him. he said he didnt know why he wrote, just felt like it and after he wrote it he wondered if maybe it meant he was going to die, and those words were the last words from him. because he also had written in there that he even loved bubby, our cat. now when i saw that, i really thought it was special! little side note here: bubby pee's in the basement unless you let him outside, mig's allergic to him, he brings in flees and kills birds. and so those all have caused mig to battle with bitterness about bub. hey, i get mad at him as well, i call him moron and i always know im the real moron. anyway! so on the phone w/ mig, he asked if my mom would be able to possibly watch the boys while we got out. so i thought yeah, i'll call her. so as i was getting ready to call, i remembered mom had plans w/ ella and lori and spencer..some family members, and i called anyway to make sure tha was still goin on, because that means that mom isn't available to babysit. well, mom said she would babysit once they got back. but since mom had ella, our 3 year old granddaughter/neice. she had to wait to hear from ella's mom, heather to see when ella had to be back. so we never really got ahold of her..mom said it's cool for mig and i just wing it and go for a bite to eat. SOOOO, we went...and mig wanted to go to this place for a drink and pizza, it's in my old youth stomping grounds, and once we parked, i couldn't go in. i felt depressed and stricken w/ anxiety. i was so stressed already and anyway, i wont get indepth about my inner wierdness, but we left the place only to come home. dissapointed, stressed, depressed. but then mig ordered pizza and we ate. asher woke back up, then finally went back to sleep. bro josh came over to smoke a doobie w/ mig. cigar only. and linda my aunt came over for prayer. it was so good to pray with linda. im so thankful for her trooperness. and so i experienced God's peace and grace through our prayer together.. isn't it just amazing? well, the very second, not exxagerating!!!!, very second linda left and i closed the door, all 3 boys started crying from their cribs. man. it's so classic. anyway, they went back down quickly and mig and i started watching adriana? that's not it, but it's the new release about oil. mig passed out as always and im writing this because it will make the world a better place. i am going to try to sleep now and ihope i rmembere to call my friend kathy tomorrow! Danae! Call kathy!! Forgetful, sidetracked, danae. so i pray for sweet, ethereal, lovely, romantic, restful, happy dreams. emotive pureness. have a great day/night/hour/minute/second.