Prelude to bath time

Aidan looks like a space cadet, while Jonah is preparing for a flex.
Jonah prepares for the Little Bushmen's 2006 Bodybuilding Competition by sucking his gut in for that big-chest look, all the while Asher looks on at the television phenomenon.


Personally, I would've worn something besides leopard print.

"Spanish "artist" Cuco Suarez performs on the streets in Oviedo, northern Spain, April 26, 2006. Suarez carried out his performance art piece called 'News is written in blood,' a satire about war and warlords. "

Photo and caption taken from GlennBeck. com


King Kong

It took 3 days, but we finally finished watching King Kong. What a profound, tragic story. Beauty captivated Kong, and he loved. And His love and jealous protection and fierce devoted pursuit of the beauty made the beauty's heart move. The beauty loved Kong. It goes to show that romance isn't just sexual. Romance is the deepest. What amazing love God has, in sacrificing himself for our life. God must see some greater beauty in our story than we can fathom. Atleast I will speak for myself. I long to know God more, more personally, more tenderly, intimately. I don't want to know any Jesus than the real Jesus. It's too bad we're such sinners, capable of distorting and perverting the faith and gospel from God. I thank Him that He even had and still has mercy on us. It's awesome how sinful men can create a great story that tells of the law of love. King Kong is one.


To Grand Rapids and back again: A Mesa Trip

So we went to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ate alot of Cuban food....very good!
Jonah's sleeping pattern was most negatively affected by the trip. That was hard on him and us.
My family treated us with great care and bountiful giving. Our boys loved my father's home. They ran around being little Christopher Columbus' and testing the integrity of my father's carpentry skills.....and that's when my father taped all the drawers and pantry cabinets shut!
They loved his backyard; spacious for three little would-be Cuban-American bushmen.
My family watched our boys while Danae and I got out and visited one of our favorite spots; North Muskegon. The vista's are very breathtaking. Lake Michigans fresh water, sand shore and the lush dense wooded coastal front are medicnal to the soul.
We were there but for 15 minutes because it started to rain. It was short lived but, O' so freshening sweet. After our brief excursion to the coastal rehab I got tuxedo fitted for a very dear friends wedding in June and than Danae and I visited some very special and old friends of mine. Roy and Amanda Flores with their beautiful almost nine-year old daughter Haley and their strangely Roy/Amanda clone-son, four-year old Braiden. We chatted for close to an hour. This too was short lived but very, very sweet. I miss you Flores family.....hope to see you again.

My father Margarito (called Margo by all, but I call him Papi) loves his grandsons. I love seeing him love them. It means so much to me to see my father interact with them in that little childlike playful way. It moves me deeply in a way I don't fully grasp. I miss my father much. I pray to God that one day we will be able to spend much more time together in communal relationship, getting to know one another as we are.

My mother Maria (Maria Elena as she is known and called by all, but I call her Mami) is literally ate-up with her grandsons. She is Ate-Up with Aidan, Jonah and Asher. My mother loves being a grandmother. And because she sees them only as often as Haley's Comet passes by she gives her all to them. My mothers physical limitations do not even prevent her from extending herself for these little soul-cleavers.

My sister Massiel and her husband Jesus are awesome. Massiel loves being an aunt. I know she gets tickled by their little alien innocence and toddlerness. Jesus loves our sons. He has a unique quality about him that sets him apart from many men. He would make a very vigilant and great father to children. I hope that they will partake of this wonderful gift and heritage that is children. Needless to say, Massiel would make an outstanding mother.

My grandmother Olvido is very little. She comes up to my knees.
She cooked up a storm.....once again proving that grandma is still a mother hubbard and that she will make you eat even if your not interested. Olvido (we call her Abuela) is mine and Danae's only grandparent living. God bless her.

Everyone else in my family and friends of our family have been and are very generous folk. They have given and give much to this family that lives in Indiana. They all together paid us to come to Michigan; Room, food, gifts and fuel............................take that Big Oil!!!!


Trip To Grand Rapids, MI

I'm writing to request prayer for our trip to Michigan. We plan to leave tomorrow and stay till next Saturday. I'm pretty excited about getting away, being w/ our family down there..we always have good times..and they have the beach! But, I'm also concerned about our 3- 18 mo' year old's sleeping arrangements..and the car ride which is 4-5 hrs. Jonah usually throws a fit in the car, and since they are all the same age..if we have to get out of the car to calm down chaos then we will have to find a park or something. I'm usually weary from trying to do my every day duties here at home, so going to another location seems very scary! And I think I get just as stressed as the boys when they cry. When a soul hears multiply crys for extended periods of time, the soul can get depressed and want to explode. But it also seems adventurous. And they also are used to sleeping in their own cribs..so for the first time in 18 mo's...they will have to sleep in playpens. So I pray that God will bless this and allow for as much smoothness as possible!!! I know our Mesa familia will take good care of us and they are excited..and I am excited for them! We dont' get to see eachother as much as we'd like.

I thankyou for your prayers. I hope to take lots of pictures! I'm in a picture mode lately.



We just got blasted for about 10 minutes with ping-pong, golfball and shy of a baseball size hail from the heavens just a moment ago. It was awesome. It was load. It was intense.......

Happy 29th Migue!! and Good Friday.

Happy 29th Good Friday Birthday!


Our first Park outing of 2006......God, thank you for Spring!

.............................................It was a very refreshing time. Winter has been long. Danae and the boys were shacked up in our little bungalow for a long time. It first started with us ripping off the plastic insulating film off of the windows and saying, "Enough of this!"
Than, Mr. Weather-Man said, with the approval of God of course, "Let there be consecutive 70 degree days!"....and it was.
We packed the van and headed northeast towards Pendleton. Pendleton is a very beautiful little small Amercian town with much of it's historical buildings and character's integrity still preserved. They have a nice park with a rippling creek and lots of walking paths.
The wind was cool and warm.....perfect for Tornadic activity, but we didn't give a cat's wastebox because at the time we didn't know there was a Tornado Warning for that very county we were in!
Still it was awesome. Refreshing. No Indy city air, but fresh oxygen provided from the Old Thick Elderly Tree's and the sent of mossy green earth surrounding the Hydrogen and 2 parts Oxygen flowing stream. It was very, very refreshing.