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How should Evangelicals “Do” Theology? The Theological Method Debate.

I encourage those interested in the title above to read this brief article.

Much is on the plate of time right now. Only so much time to spread for the use of doing things constructive and beneficial. Right now it appears that what is being done under the sun and moon is work, eat, sleep and spend what little time I have with my wife who deserves more than I have given her in the past and also with my little boys who are growing faster than the speed of sound. My reading is yeilding greater learning and insight which has been encouraging and fortifying. I look forward to discuss with my fellow heirs about the things that occupy our minds.
The Lord has made use of a vessel by the name of Roger (who is this families pastor) in encouraging toward Christ-like transformation in an indirect way and also exhortative to take dominion under the Lordship of Christ over our finances.
Liberation....renewal....hope revived...transformation....all this because of the goodness of God's graces in bringing about confession of sin and dependence on Him and his conduit of grace the church.

I am very excited about our (the church global) historical embeddedness in God's redemptive story.