Due to Danae's involvement working with renowned motion picture director Martin Scorsese on his production of "Pie Pie" a psychological thriller which will be out in theaters summer of '05 she has been and will continue to be unavailable for blogging and correspondence of any sort. All correspondence will be handled by and through her husband and manager Miguel Angel Mesa.
Be sure to look for the trailer which has footage of her handling three bottles at once with the flipper in her right hand and the phone pressed to her ear! Choreography for this scene was done by Marital artist Tong-Po.
Tong-Po is best known for directing martial arts choreography in and starring as Jean Claude Van Dam's opponent in the post-busting picture "Kickboxer."
And yes! Tong-Po still has a shaved head with a thick long locking pony tail protruding from the back of his skull. Your awesome Tong-Po!! And Danae your classic for working with Scorsese and Po at the same time. Keep up the great work!

Post-production film critics are saying,

"..."Pie Pie" is an intense urinary bladder bursting experience of epic proportions......Cecil B. Demill would be impressed!!"
John Stockton, former Utah Jazz player

"...I had to hold my bladder the entire time, I mean literally hold it with my hands to prevent bursting,I didn't want to miss a thing!!"
Wayne Grudem, author of Systematic Theology

"Danae B. Mesa is sure to make her mark in motion picture history. This is her debut work and is already being hailed master multi-tasked maiden!"
Robert J. Landendorf, CEO of Mawell House

"I got a urinary tract infection just reading the script!"
Iam A. Pressupositional, professor of Epistemological Studies at Sir
Kern University, Melbourn, Australia

"...well yeah, of course I like hamburgers...."
Stuart I. Piplaxswitch, author of Psychological Thrillers and the Urinary Phenomenon.

Thoughts on the Sufficiency of Scripture: What it does and doesn't mean.
by John Piper


Miguel; the redirector
some reading that I am looking forward to see develop by it's proponents and adherents.

For those interested I direct you to my friend Riley Kern's February 13th post in which he links two publishings by Josh Spears and their accompanied comments. I found the reading therein to be very helpful to sift through some views and/or presuppositions and also to see what others are thinking about the "emergent". Also you should identify in reading more developments in regards to Gregory of Nyssa's qoute previously posted. While the dialouge is not conclusive it certainly is developing and progressive.
For myself I tend to be on the fringe of the conversation. I am learning what I can from being exposed to writings and rants. So to me these links are very appreciative. I hope to better identify why I am reading what I am reading and inclined to.

and in semi-conjunction with the above.......

Joshua Cloud my dearly beloved brother-in-law is a man whose thoughts I love to read. He has some rants and interesting takes and comments on some issues so far for February. I redirect you to the blog of Joshua Cloud.

semper reformanda


"Concepts create idols. Only wonder understands."

Gregory of Nyssa, 4th century


After I had published this post a good Oklahoma friend reflected upon this qoute by Gregory. His reflections are worthy of reading. I believe his reflection develops what "good ol' Greg of Nyssa" was saying in principle. { Riley's reflection }

We miss you OklaKern.