On sabbatical.


a brief word

Lately I have been thinking that I have given myself to too much of reading things that are of interest to me but that are not necessarily in the direction to which I need to concentrate on. It is because of this that I may be ceasing from reading and or just conversing through blogs or what have you. I greatly enjoy looking into the lives of friends and beyond through your writings and although I still may occasionally stop in and read I may or may not be commenting or involving myself in dialouge.
I have a host of books that are on my shelf that presently involve my present research and I must give myself to this undividedly. It is because of this that I may not involve myself in conversations.
Sometime in the future I will be writing about some of the things that are at the center of my attention and is requiring my concentrative efforts.
So take this post to be notice for a sabbatical of some sort.
Love you all. Keep pressing through unto the Kingdom with violence!

May God honor and bless our efforts in seeking Him.


I like what this article, "Was this wrath?" offered in perspective torwards the tsunami tragedy, the earth and the gospel hope and witness.
Also another article that I found over in Bill Bean's place written by Sir N. T. Wright on the same subject. Check it out........"In the new world there will be no more seas."