Aidan Margarito is living up to his name. Firey! This little guy has got lungs, super lungs. So far it hasn't been too crazy over here. We have had the help of our mother Susan and good friends the Churchill's. Thanks again for the meal and service.
This afternoon Asher Damon is supposed to be coming home. This was unexpected. He is the littlest guy and he is growing turbo. I dont know how much longer little Jonah is going to be in the NICU, but I can't imagine it to be too long.
Thanks to Joshua this laptop is doing better. He even somehow and in someway fixed my October 26th blog post. Thank you Jesh!
Last nite Joshua and I did a practice spoofer of the Laity Lounge. I dont know if he is going to make it available on his site but if it is available you gotta check it out. We had a hillarious time. There's a bit of improv in it, so if your in the mood for a laugh listen to it. Tonite we may be doing a session on something. Don't know the topic for sure but I think it will have something to do with how we in the church get caught up in theology so much that we hide behind it and just become a dry dusty and dead orthodox head.
The point of the Laity Lounge or Laymans lounge is to provide an outlet for folks locally in the church to have a forum of audible dialouge about issues in church, culture, history or whatever.....

Goodness I just got back from running to my mother's place and I am suckin air. I am terribly out of shape.


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Frustration from virus.

My computer is possessed by a legion of micro-bugs! Things are getting worse. As some have noticed my post for the 26th was not readily available. But I was told by Scotty Miller that if you right click and select "view source" you will be able to read the posts. I tried it and it works. Anyway, the micro-bugs are taking over the laptop. I have been unable to check emial in several days and that is making me constipated (not really).

Aidan was circumcised this morning and and Asher and Jonah will be circumcised this afternoon while they have their surgery on their hernia's. Tonite Danae will be staying at the hospital (I as well) to have her breastfeeding of Aidan observed. Aidan will be coming home tomorrow!! We are very excited. Aidan Margarito will be the first bean to come home. He is our little margarito burrito.

My brother Joshua is cooking up an interesting discussion on topics in the newly under construction of The Laity Lounge. I imagine this lounge will be a neat place to discuss much of what is going on in the church from various viewpoints. I am looking forward to seeing what will come about from this. More on this to come.

Brian Mclaren's book A Generous Orthodoxy is an interesting read. I am enjoying his words. This is my first book of his.

Recommended reading; Spencer Burke's Making Sense of Church: Eavesdropping on Emerging Conversations about God, Community, and Culture.


Tonight after watching "coffee and cigarettes", "The United States of Leland" and talking with my wife I got that feeling. Isn't it an overwhelming feeling when you can see glimpses of all the major things that are going through your mind and weigh heavily on your heart and consume you most of the time? You see the glimpse or glimpses and say to yourself, "Man, I gotta go write out my thoughts right now!", but you can't at the moment. That's what's happend to me. Now I am sitting down hoping to vomit this out. Maybe something will become of this. (Here's a thought that just occured to me, does it really matter that I place an aposterphy on my words when they are according to english grammer necessary?) I have done much reading within the past couple months. I have started books and did not finish and I have started books and finished them. What I have gathered from studying is that I am not alone in how I feel and think. I am not the only one thinking as a follower of Iesou about myself and asking questions about the present state of things in the church and yearning for something else. That something else has been readily identified in the past to be what the obvious longing of my soul is and that is God. But, more specifically it is how I relate with God. Knowing that I can give myself to God in an honest, genuine, authentic way is what it is all about. Being honest with myself in knowing and saying that I dont have all the answeres, that I don't need to have all the answeres and that I really don't care if I do or dont have it all figured out has been the emancipation of my soul in this long season of my sojourn. Truth is becoming something once again to my soul as it was. Or at least I think it was at a time, or so I think. Truth is becoming something once again. Funny how I write truth to be "something." But isn't that what much in the church treats truth to be? Something? As if truth is all about abstract propositions accumulated by the scientific method and our rational. Don't misunderstand me, I am not against reason or our God given ability to identify truth through and by logic. Truth is not just something. Foremost, Truth is someone. I don't have to have all the answeres. Truth holds me. I dont have to have it all figure out. Truth is there. Waiting. Watching. Keeping always. But I will seek and endeavor to understand my relationship to this Truth this Christos. Many have gone before us that have also related with him. Their voices are just as precious as the voices of today and the voices of our recently past millenia. We are a culture. We are a people. We are a community. We are the Church. I long to gather with His people on this journey in this history. Lets do this. "if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold." "nothing you desire can compare with her." Proverbs 2:3-5, 3: 13,14,15b


"All authority has been given unto me." Iesou Cristu

Danae is getting caught up on her rest. She sleeps in very well. Her body has been through so much. It will be a long season of recovery for her. A nurse came to visit the other day and mentioned that in the 50's an experiment was conducted on 4 young healthy and athletically active men. They were given a thorough physical exam to see how there motor skills and agility was and so forth along with muscle mass qauntities. Than they were placed in the hospital for a week in a bed with only the allowance to get up and go to the bathroom. After a week of this they were then given another physical exam of the same sort and found that all men had significant muscle loss and strength. Their cordination needed to be beefed up again because of the lack of activity. In other words Atrophy. It was said that for that single week bedridden in the hospital they needed one month of rehab just to get back up to par. Danae was in the hospital since August 13th. She stayed for 9 weeks. All but a week and a half was she able to get up to the bathroom and shower. So it appears that with the duration of stay D has got a long road ahead of her. She has lost much of the water that she had retained and her legs are beginning to look more normal despite the muscle loss. She is doing good. Feel free to send cards or letters of encouragment for Danae (1020 N. Drexel Ave. Indianapolis, IN. 46201) Recovery for Danae is going to be a more mental than physical. So for her to be able to do some normal things that she used to do would be very healthy and conducive to her growth. Practical things, she loves to go and visit her father over on Post Rd. It is more rural out there and is visually more gratifying than the neighborhood where we live. She loves to go out there and hang out with her father Damon, brother Nathan (he is a crack up) and the fly wizard her cousin Jeremy. The icing for this visit is also to see the dogs and cats over there. Nike the Rotwieler, Butch the something, Scrappy the Datsun and Batman and his brother Nate the cats. This is one of the most welcoming environments for her. I saw how going over there made her feel more normal. She is able to laugh allot. This is medicine to her.
I am ranting here for some reason or another. I love Danae very much. All of our freinds and beyond have been encouraging and warm with love and we are truly thankful. I know our struggles and joys are not alone. Everyone out there has them and we want to rejoice with you and also to sympathize and feel with you in hard times. I am just spewing out my thoughts as of late while trying to let people know how D is.
On the Beans front line; Aidan is over 5 pounds (he's the beef), Jonah is getting close and Asher is tailing behind. It was discovered yesterday that Asher and Jonah have herniated groins. This can be bad if not taken care of properly. Their abdominal muscle near their pelvic region is partly open and their bowel is coming through. The surgeons are going to asses them to see if they will need surgery. Poor little guys.
As soon as I am able I am going to put some photos on here, so hang on a bit.
God is the one who calls into being that which is not.

Chistus Victor!


Bean photos via JPCsubDeo

My brother Joshua posted some polaroid photos that have been taken in the NICU within the last 2 weeks of the beans stay on earth. Check it out! You love his little daughter Julia Bug. She is the cutest. Also is a photo of my other brother Nathan and his little wonder Ella. God has brought much wonder into this family in the last year and a half. By the way I call them brothers but they are my brothers-in-law, but still brothers nonetheless. Peace!



Danae arrived back at her little home on Drexel Wednesday evening. She is getting back into the groove of being "home". She is getting caught up on much needed rest. We are breast pumping, or rather I am helping her breast pump. Danae is a Dairy Queen. She will not be seeing any friends as of yet so she can still focus on recovery and breast pumping. But I will post when that will be. Thank you for praying on this families behalf.
Our sons are doing very, very well. Asher is now out of the incubator and off of the oxygen as well! There growing excel-lent!
Aidan is 4 lbs. 11 oz.
Jonah is 4 lbs. 9 oz.
Asher is 4 lbs. !!!!!!! (Go you little scrapper!!)
Aidan is up to bottle feeding all the time now so he has his little feeding tube off of his face. We can now see his entire face. I wish I could place pictures on here but still have yet to do that. I am sure D will help me to do sometime soon.
Some nurse remark that they are unusually well and growing for being caucasian male premies.

Today I will be working with my brother- in -law "Jesh" or Joshua. We are going to cut some grass. I am excited, it has been three months since I have been on the Z-Track or EXsmark!

Has anyone seen the film "Saved"? Danae and I just watched it last nite. This film strikes up some very good dialouge to say the least. A provocative film. I would encourage some to read reviews on PluggedIn or HollywoodJesus before checking it out if your very cautious on what to watch and listen too. I am not saying that I am not, but I do take liberty in listening and watching somethings that other christians generally wouldn't. I am sure many of you know.

Off to the foxes!! (remember Charles Barkley in the Gillette commercial, or was it Old Spice?)

I look forward to dialouging with you all very soon in a very tangible way. May the real Jesus show us how close He is to us all.


Methodist Maternity Center: Labor and Delivery Rm. 19, Update

Danae is getting stronger. She has been doing physical therapy and she is making progress. She is able to walk now without the assistance of a walker. Although she does get tired quickly and her pace is no where near a mall walker she is doing awesome considering all. Potentially she could be going back to our home on Drexel sometime this week. At this time she will not be taking visitors unless they are scheduled to come according to her abilities. Her days are fully occupied with resting, breast-pumping, walking, going to the bathroom and spending time with our boy's and this is all very difficult to juggle for her.
Our beans are doing good. Asher is the small guy and he is still in the incubator while Jonah and Aidan are hanging out next to each other being babies. Asher and Jonah's blood volume is kind of low but not low enough yet to really raise an alarm. Them too also have occasional and yet frequent episodes of the heart rate dropping. This is a nuerological thing. The brains still need to develop better for their breathing. They recently started to do one bottle feeding per day and it looks like Aidan is going to soon be doing it all the time cause he's a hog.
In case your wondering how I am doing, I am doing good. Danae is doing better and the boys are okay so I am good and okay. Thanks to God the Lord, by His word all things consist.
Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words. We miss you all and look forward to getting together with some of you for the first time as families and to see them that have been our but buddies for sometime.

Aidan is 4 lbs. 9 oz.
Jonah is 4 lbs. 6 oz.
Asher is 3 lbs. 12 oz. (I think)

Thier cries are like little lambs!


Danae is still with us. She is now recovering in Labor and Delivery where she has spent most of her bed rest. She is getting stronger and she has seen the boys and held them recently for the first time. We are thankful to God for His mercy in sparing Danae's life and keeping her here with us. I her husband and her newborn little sons and all are family are blessed to still have this precious woman. Thank you for your prayers and love.

Please continue to pray for her recovery.


The Climax

Danae is now 32 weeks and 5 days. Today our baby boys will come out of the bio-dome and into the atmosphere. Aidan, Jonah and Asher will take in their first breath's.

Today at 4 PM the C-Section will start. If you all read this before please join us in giving thanks to God for enabling Danae to endure this bearing and for the beans to grow and develop. Join us in petitions to our Father for wisdom and skill to be imparted to them that will play a major role in bringing our son's to the air. Join us in asking our Father for the preservation of Danae's strength and well being so that she make recover expediently and well.

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness. I have fear and inexpressable joy deep within. As always without ceasing you have been bountiful torwards us with your graces. We thank you for your people and for your lovely Spirit. May you be seen by your people and by all the beauty of your Majesty as you bring our sons to this place.

Thank you for your prayers and faitful love and support in their manifold ways.

I will update after the delivery as soon as I am able too.