Methodist Maternity Center
Labor and Delivery Room 18.

Danae has completed 31 weeks today. Contraction acitivity has been minimal lately. Things are looking good. The beans and Danae's tank is still growing! Thank you for your continued prayers.

I had an interview with Lincare this past Tuesday that went very well. After the interview I was sent to take a drug test. Lincare was supposed to get a criminal background and driver check. And contingent upon the cumulutive result I believe I would recieve an offer for the job. So I should be getting a phone call sometime today. I do have some anxiety about this. I really would like to have this job. So there is that.
I am a sensation in the Maternity Ward because of my Hazelnut and Vanilla Maxwell House coffee. They love it! And trust you me, so would you if all you smelled and drank was Methodist Hospital coffee!

Danae and I noticed several helicopters hovering almost completely stationary in the air nearby us over the city. I thought that something may be developing out there with the media so I turned on the tube and saw live footage of some suspects on Martin Luther King Dr. Aparantly a Butler Campus Police Officer was shot in the head around 10 this morning and just recently died here at Methodist Hospital.




We moved to another room lastnite. We are now in room 18 which has a nice panoramic window with a nice expansive view of downtowns buildings. Danae has completed 30 weeks and is now working on her 31st. We are happy. We are praying that God will give further favorable conditions to the fully development of the babies and the comfort for Danae. We are thankful for your prayers and for the grace of God in all these things. Are new rooms telephone number is 962-7359.
Also, more good news. I have an interview with Lincare this Tuesday. The job entails delivering infusion therapy throughout portions of Indiana. I believe the job is mine to take if I want it providing that I pass the CDL endorsement test. Cross your fingers!! (in prayer of course!)


From Methodist Maternity Center Rm. 12

Danae has completed a full 28 weeks. This is very good. The survival rate for the beans is 90 to 95% now. We are happy with this so far. All three of the boys are just over 2 pounds a piece. We have directed hearts torwards God's good hand to bring about what He will. And we pray that it would be that the beans will stay in Danae's womb at least till 34 weeks and that D remain healthy.
I am still looking for work. This has been a constant source of difficulty at times for me. It has been almost two months since I have had steady employment. I have had work to do for some people that has provided money and for that I am thankful. Every now and then I get this feeling that others whether family or friends are dissapointed or upset at how me and the work thing has been. I feel a sense of shame. It could be that I have and am undertaking the job seeking exploit all together wrong. Please join me in petitions to Father that I may do what is right with the work issue.
I want to thank all my friends and family who have given their loving support in it's manifold ways to Danae and I.

On another end. I have read and am reading some very interesting subject matter in books. I have finished a book by R. J. Rushdoony called The Word of Flux. This book is an exploration into the failure of mans thinking. It is a study in Epistemology, which is very, very interesting stuff. Another book I have recently finished is by Steve Chalke called The Lost Message of Jesus. This book is very provocative. I can feel the tension between some circles of the church that would have much quibble with the contents of this book. But what Steve is advocating is something that is necessary to discuss within the church. The book gave me affirmation in some areas and in others it opened new doors. It does seek to deconstruct Western constructs of perception to the Gospel and it's very understanding and proclamation in the Church. I very much would like to discuss these things with others and especially those who have read the book. (Mr. Bean that means YOU!)