One of the accounts that we cut on Fridays has a neighbor who has a Bulldog. her name is Daisy, Daisy the meatball. Joshua and I played with her the first time we saw her. She would run and throw her entire meatball like body on our legs. It's hillarious. I am undoubtedly in love with this little beast of the Lord. She snorts like a happy pig while her toungue is flapping away. Last week Friday John got a chance to meet her and she did the same to him. She would run around us all excited, (mind you she is big and very stubby too so this isnt your average looking dog running all happily around you), and than she would lie down on her back so we can scratch her belly. Her toungue is going here and there while you hear this snorting like breathing almost like an asthma attack except its not an astma attack it's just daisy the God crafted Bulldog. Also, while I was watching John playing with her she jumped and got on her back for him and because we were standing on the edge of these folks property the land slopes down into a little brook that flows between our grass cutting account and Daisy's habitation, well as she was on her back next to John she couldn't help but have her little massive meatball body start to roll down the hill. John had to catch her. It was hillarious. I can see her in my mind still, Daisy's toungue flapping all over, her breathing so attractively piglike, on her back unable to resist the gravitational pull of her round mass down the hill into the nearby brook, "John save Daisy the meatball!"
I look forward to seeing her again on Friday. I am sure Joshua and John are too.
Bulldogs are AWESOME!!!


The Nike phystick is back in mine and Danae's little home. She is always welcome. Nike is a meaty stub-like Rottweiler. God made her. He made her good. God is good at making little creatures. He also made Bubby the bubine. We also call Bubby these names too; Bub, Rubber, Bean, Rubber-Bub, Beano, Bubby-Samson, Fluffy-Ham, Little Panther and Bubbo. Rubber-Bub is our feline friend. God blessed us with little creatures. It is a very good thing.
The Old Testament book of Proverbs says,
"Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast...."12:10a


Most of all day I move in circuits.
My feet move me.
Along with the moving is an object with two plastic strings protruding from two sides of its circular compartment that is attached to a slender pole like extension. It goes through the circuits with me, except this object moves at a very altogether different accelarated speed.
It goes before me.
Decapitating, dismembering, severing, expelling and launching little and large pieces of organic matter.
Strewn about the circuit are remnants of once living organisms now detached from the very breeding grounds from which they came.
About my ankles and boots is a saturation of chlorophyll with inumerable bits of limbs and fibers.
These feet coupled with this formidable and violent instrument become unified to accomplish that for which now enables me to furnish the store boxes with sustenance, provide for energy to run instruments that make living enjoyable and less difficult, gasoline for the box with wheels to take us places, and the resource to acquire material possesions of temporal and eternal significance.
These feet coupled with this formidable and violent instrument comprise just a small detail to the required armament and necessary capability of intelligence, stamina, focus and attention to balance that belong to a mower and a trimmer.


What do I have to say? I dont have to say anything.
What do I have to write? nothing.
But is there something that I need to say and/or write? maybe.
I will be very vague in my deliberation.

Differing oppinions of Eschatology and the consequences thereof. Premillenial, Amillenial, Postmillenial; beginning the journey to sort, distinguish and come to some kind of closure to which of these is correct if any.
Christian Reconstructionism or Dominionism; setting sail to know what this Postmillenial subdoctrine is all about.
Theonomy; embarking on the attempt to understand.
Presupposed and well studied out theological systems that are in conflict with others and the estranged feeling of being divided over "theological issues" most not minor. It is difficult living with the tension of these differing views in theology or maybe it is a differing view of the appropriate hermeneutic.
The grass has not been growing quickly. It will soon.
I have a day off of grass trimming and weed whacking.
God is above it all. Sustaining, working and conforming to the image of Christ moment by moment the little feeble finite creatures of the earth that are His people. Maranatha!